Monday, July 20, 2009

Places around Bangalore on a Bangalore Tour - Section 3

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Jumma Masjid - Located in one of the busiest market area of Bangalore, the Jumma Masjid in Bangalore is the oldest mosque in the city and is dedicated to Tipu
Sultan. The rare bubris painting on the ceilings and walls remained covered by layers of white paints for years. Beneath the layers it revealed the existence of the beautiful bubris that bear a mark of Tipu Sultan.

Gangadhareshware Temple (Cave Temple) - The famous temple houses a rare idol of Agni, the God of Fire. The temple’s speciality is a rare phenomenon. On the 13th or
14th of January, every year, at sunset, the rays of the sun pass through a window in the shrine, and then between the horns of the Nandi (the Sacred Bull) and finally shine on the Lingam of Lord Shiva.

Government Museum and Venkatappa Art Gallery - This art gallery displays 100s of paintings. The gallery has collections of scenic beauties. As the name suggests, the
gallery has collection of the great artist Venkatappa. The gallery has Mathura stone sculptures and the sculptures from the Khajuraho School of Art. It also houses clay
artifacts and pottery, which belong to the Indus Valley Civilizations. The Venkatappa Art Gallery is located within the premises of the Karnataka Government
Museum, on the Kasturaba Road. Visit to explore this fascinating world of art.
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