Monday, July 20, 2009

Places around Bangalore on a Bangalore Tour - Section-2

(continued from section 2)
Gandhi Bhavan

- Gandhi Bhavan of Bangalore is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. The Bhavan was set up with the intention of promoting the life and teachings of Gandhiji. Situated on the Kumara Krupa Road, Gandhi Bhawan was started as Gandhi
Smaraka Nidhi (GSN), under the chairmanship of Dr Rajendra Prasad, the then President of India. The main attraction of the Gandhi Bhawan consists in a
comprehensive picture gallery, displaying the entire life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Cubbon Park
- One of the biggest parks of Bangalore city. It is major landmark in Bangalore contributing to various Historical Monuments and
Government Buildings, Cultural, Scientific Institutions other than just being a park. Cubbon Park occupies over 300 acres with flowering plants, towering trees, shaded groves and vast expanse of green. Though this park is in the heart of the city it contributes to the vast expanse of greenery, protecting environment for Bangaloreans, a great lung space for morning joggers. So also for naturalists who study plants in the serene natural environment.

Ulsoor Lake
- One of the biggest lakes in Bengaluru, is located on the eastern side of the city. It derives its name from the name of the locality it is
situated, namely, Ulsoor close to M G Road, Bangalore. It is spread over 123.6 acres and has several islands. Even though the lake is dated to Kempegowdas’ time, the
present lake was created by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring, the then Commissioner of Bangalore.

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